Scegli un eco-friendly termale nella Giornata della Terra


Banyan Tree (credit: SpaSpotter)

Banyan Tree (credito: SpaSpotter)

Go to a Green Spa on Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and all across the planet, millions of people are taking part in green activities or pledging to take better care of the planet. If you’re heading to a spa, or booking a getaway, consider an eco-friendly establishment. From low-flow shower heads to natural skin care products, they’re healthier for the planet and you.

Find a green spa near you

Find a spa that is part of the Green Spa Network on their website. Click on the “Visit a Green Spa” or “Find a GSN Member Spa” link. There are quite a variety of spas from major chains to independents such as the The Ritz-Carlton Spa in Naples or the smaller Bloom Organics in Sarasota to the Mandarin Oriental in New York to Naturopathica Holistic Health in East Hampton.

What is a Green Spa?

Green spas are a growing movement to provide a healthier environment for the planet and you. Here are some of the ways that green spas are making a differenceask before you book to ensure there are sustainable efforts in place:

-eliminating toxins in their spa’s environment for a healthier establishment.

-eliminating noise

-incorporating more natural treatments rather than using synthetically derived products to create longer-term health.

-creating sustainable practices from recycling to water savings to have less impact on the planet.

Why a Green Spa?

The Green Spa Movement is based on the fact that an eco-friendly environment creates a more balanced experience and relaxing environment. Some spas completely free of toxins, such as Kura Door Holistic Spa in Salt Lake City, that has bamboo, stone and untreated wood flooring and walls with chemical-free paint.

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