Koru Eco Spa launches natural suncare line


SunCare (credit: Block Island Organics)

SunCare (credit: Block Island Organics)

Spa Products: Block Island Organics launches new sun care line

When Koru Eco Spa’s owner Lauren von Bernuth, started researching a sunscreen line, she had one problem. The New England spa owner couldn’t find a UVA & UVB protection product that didn’t have parabens or other questionable ingredients. On the other hand, she felt the consistency of sunscreens that were deemed safe, was too thick. In the current sunscreen industry many sunscreens are not protecting consumers from the full-spectrum of cancer causing UV rays, or are made from ingredients with questionable safety profiles therefore misleading consumers in regards to the efficacy and proper usage of their sunscreen,” says Bernuth. The results is the eco spa’s new product lineBlock Island Organicsa line they feel comfortable to recommend to their own , they needed a products they could recommend to customers.

Sun Protection

What Block Island Organics stresses is that SPF measures protection from UVB rays but not UVA rays. According to their research, sunburn is caused by UVB rays but it’s the UVA that affect skin aging, and can be a cause of skin cancer. It’s mineral sunscreens, such as the line that Koru Spa has developed, that offer protection from UVA as well as UVB rays.


The ingredients are organic and mineral-basedfull details are listed on their website but here is the overview for their SPF 16, which is water resistant:

Active Ingredients:

  • Titanium Dioxide 5%
  •  Zinc Oxide 4%
  • White grapefruit essential oil for fragrance
  • coconut oil for moisturizing
  • jojoba oil for moisturizing
  • vanilla

The products use a vegan formula and an Eco Cert preservative base. They are also developed and produced in the United States.

Block Island Organics product line

Prices for the following products range between $22 to $49:

  • Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 16
  • Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 30+
  • Daily Repairing Moisturizer with SPF 16
  • Cucumber After Sun Soothing Lotion

There is also a 2 oz. SPF 16 sunscreen that is a perfect travel size.

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