Try a detoxifying mud bath Miami-style


Mud Treatment (credit: SanDestin)

Mud Treatment (credit: SanDestin)

Spa Treatment: Outdoor mud bath is clothing-optional

We know the curative effects of mud treatments, and it’s a staple offering on most spa menus, whether in the form of a massage or a wrap. Miami’s Standard Hotel & Spa takes this a step further, adding a South Beach twist to this regular offering.

The Lounge

Rather than the solitary experience, where you are in your treatment room alone with a therapist, the Standard has created the mud lounge, one of a number of rituals that are in a spa menu for Do-It-Yourself hydrotherapy. It’s all to encourage the communal experience that the bathing ritual was once known for, back in ancient Roman times. The mud lounge is outdoors, and clothing-optional.


Your mud bath starts with a choice: a tub of Red Earth mud for detoxification or a Spirulina mud for smoothing. Once your attendant hands you the mud, the fun and creativity begins at the bayside lounge. Slather the algae all over your body and then sink into a chair and let the clay purge toxins and tighten your pores. You can shower al fresco or soak in a tub overlooking the water. Apparently, letting the mud soften, continues the detoxification process.

DIY Hydrotherapy

The health benefits for mud are combined with water and steam inside the spa. Once you’ve come in from outside, lounge in a hot stone hammam, a sound shower or a eucalyptus steam room. There’s also a cedar sauna and a Roman waterfall hot tub.

Other Treatments

Of course, the Standard Spa has a variety of indoor treatments, if you need to warm up to the idea of bathing outdoors.

The Cost

The mud lounge costs $20 but the open-air experience is one of a kind.

Tell us…

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