Try the only Cedar Enzyme Treatment in North America


Osmosis Tea Garden and Spa (Credit: Osmosis)

Osmosis Tea Garden and Spa (Credit: Osmosis)


Try the only Cedar Enzyme Treatment in North America at this Day Spa

It’s Sonoma County’s well-kept secret. For more than 26 years, Osmosis Spa has offered a unique treatment, a one-of-a-kind experience in North America.

The Cedar Enzyme Treatment

The 1 1/2 hour spa treatment starts with a Japanese tea service in the meditative garden. Following the tea ceremony, you enter the bath room and lay down in a tub of warm cedar and fir that creates a natural fermentation. The attendant then covers you with the mixture right up to your chin, just like covering your body with hot sand at the ocean. What’s interesting is that the heat is biological so it’s self-created energythe enzymes are the trick of the heat and the fermentation. In fact, the bath itself is 150 degrees Farenheit but it doesn’t feel that hot because the enzymes don’t conduct heat like water does.

Following your soak, try a massage in the Japanese-style pagoda or the Hemi-Synch sound session where you enter a private room with sound therapeutic music. Created by the Monroe Institute, it uses left and right brain waves to create a balanced state of relaxation for the mind.

Their video describes the treatment in more detail:


Japanese Meditation Garden

Following your treatment, relax in the one of a kind kyoto japanese meditation garden on the 5 1/2 acre sanctuary. The Zen, a 10-stage walk through sculpture, provides the ideal transition point between spa bliss and returning to your regular life!

Green Spa

As a founding member of the Green Spa Network, Osmosis has a number of sustainable practices including an extensive recycling program.

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